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Now hunting for the best nebulizer machine is not a big deal anymore

Asthma and allergy are the two most common issues adults and kids face in this era. According to the survey factor, around twenty million people in the USA currently suffer from this disease.

It’s undoubtedly one of the long-term diseases, and a nebulizer is one of the safest medications to combat this threatening disease.

In today’s article, I try to jot down the facts about super quiet nebulizers being better than noisy ones and why you should consider them; instead of delaying, let’s counter the myths of silent nebulizers together.

Role of nebulizer machines:

Nebulizer machines are highly designed for patients with severe asthma and allergy issues. This machine’s role is to turn the liquid-prescribed medicine into a moist fine. So with this help, patients quickly get relief from the severe attack.

But the thing that disturbs or irritates the patients most is the noise of the nebulizer. Still, no worries; as I mentioned above, some super quiet nebulizers are available in markets.

Nebulizer and its types:

Compressor based nebulizer:

If your nebulizer is making sound, you are using compressor-based models. These models use piston motors for compressing the air forced into the chamber, so the noise you hear during the nebulizer is the sound of compressed air that travels into the chamber.

Jet nebulizers:

Jet nebulizers are known as generating and enough power pressurized source nebulizers. These nebulizers come up with a thin conduit that creates an aerosol. This gas is formed and reliable enough to contain small and large particles.

Regarding the jet nebulizer power source and reliance, these nebulizers have many innovative models, including the enhanced feature of portable batteries and accessible carport charging access.

Jet nebulizers are also available in home styles, but portable ones are expensive compared to home styles. On the other side, these new portable ones are better and come up with more enhanced and reliable functionality with quite a noisy feature.

Mesh nebulizer:

These nebulizers have a vibrating feature that pushes the medication through mesh or an aperture plate, creating unlimited aerosolized droplets that can be easily inhaled with deep breaths.

This one offers better and improved efficiency and easy-to-use features. Secondly, they are lightweight and portable; that’s why they come up with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Like the previous one, the drawback of this nebulizer is it’s pretty expensive and somehow not ideal for delivering better suspensions.

Ultrasonic nebulizers:

The ultrasonic ones are the more enhanced nebulizers that use the ultrasonic waves sound and depend on the high vibration frequency instead of compressed air.

What to choose?

When it comes to the choice, it depends on your budget; if your budget allows you, then the best one is to pick the rest of the portable ones; you can also consider the jet models if your budget is low, as they also offer some fewer noise nebulizers.

Secondly, when you buy any nebulizer, I recommend checking the delivery time (the ideal range of medicine speed delivery is 4-8L/min), ease to use, and noise reduction level. Try to avoid the compressor nebulizers as they have annoying noises.