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New Hairstyle Design Tips: Mistakes You’re Doing When Straightening Your Hair

Who doesn’t love sleek hair? It is neat, elegant, shiny and never fails to be trendy. In addition to that, it is one of the easiest and fastest hair-dos that you might attempt to have at home. All you need to do is put your flat iron on and work it through the strands. Yet, with all its benefits, comes along a serious problem represented with burnt fried ends. And why is that? Because you probably did some mistakes while straightening your hair. In this article, we will provide you with new hairstyle design tips to avoid further damage by avoiding these mistakes and fixing them with reliable steps that keep your strands healthy.

First Mistake: Not Prepping the Hair

When applying the hot tool directly on your hair without protection, there is no way your strands can hold on to the moisture it is enriched with. They are left dry and damaged. That’s why it is really important to rely on a treatment that keeps the strands hydrated and protects it from the heat. You can always go to argan oil that nourishes and restores health.

Second Mistake: Keeping the Temperature Really High

No matter how much you slather on leave-in treatments, your hair won’t be protected if the temperature of the flat iron is really high. Besides, the high temperature won’t help in getting sleek hair faster or better; it’ll just help in damaging your hair even worse. Set the temperature on medium level; it will be effective enough to make your hair really sleek and tidy, without causing dryness.

Third Mistake: Blow Drying When the Hair is too Dry or too Wet

Before you use the flat iron or the hair straightener you use the blow dryer to blow your hair. You have to know that when you use it on wet hair, you expose your hair to much heat, and when you use it on dry hair, you cause dryness. The optimal time to blow dry the hair is about to dry, but is still wet. When doing so, avoid using metal brushes that become really hot and help in drying your hair.

Fourth Mistake: Blow Drying in a Wrong Direction

Yes, there is a right way to blow drying. When you blow dry your hair in the wrong direction, your hair breaks and looks frizzy. The right way to hold your blow dryer is aiming it downwards. This way, your strands will fall towards your shoulders.

Follow these hairstyle design tips for a better hair straightening treatment.