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Mediterranean Diet

After World War II, a study team began to study the pattern of food in the Mediterranean countries, including Greece and southern Italy and it concludes that they have special benefits for cardiovascular health, especially for them. When you take the tip of the Mediterranean food, you like to eat more food than red meat after feeding your food. Talk to your doctor about whether the Mediterranean style is right for your body.

In Southern Europe, olive oil, almonds, beans, fruits, and vegetables rich medicare diet / Mediterranean food, popular foods. Although the amount of fat in this type of food is medium to high, But it is a healthy diet rich in animal fat compared to animal fat. Current studies have shown that, For those who have the risk of developing heart disease (Mediterranean diet), the risk of such problems is reduced.

Mediterranean food has received many pressures in the past decade, and for good reasons. Mainly one of the best healthy eating plans, consistently following the plant-based diet. Eating a variety of antioxidant-rich foods and concentrating on omega-3 (limited to high red meat) focuses on the moderate amount of fish and fish inflammation and stress reduction. According to researchers, following the diet plan can protect your brain and you can reduce brain stress with your age.

Researchers say a healthy diet is very good for us. More evidence that Mediterranean food is a very accurate concept. Because it helps prevent some health problems common to the elderly.

What is the “Mediterranean” food?

Any “Mediterranean” food is geographically different countries and territories of the Mediterranean Sea boundaries of at least 16 countries. There may be differences in culture, ethnic background, religion, economy and agricultural production. But there are these features in general estate.

The components are dairy products, fish, and duck, more common than red meat. Fruits, vegetables, bread and other crops, potatoes, peas, nuts, and seeds. The use of olive oil is an important monounsaturated fat source. Eat wine from low to medium amounts. These diets are similar to the dietary recommendations of the American Heart Association. Relatively smaller than the Mediterranean dietary diet high calories come from fat.

Mediterranean diagram pyramid:

The Mediterranean food pyramid is different from other food pyramids. Studies have shown that, traditionally, people in the Mediterranean region prepare for their meals, eat more time by eating and increasing fat and taking their food among others. The traditional Mediterranean style of living was much less affordable than other cultures, including the United States. Among which was involved significant physical labor and activity.

Fish and seafood are eaten twice a week. Duck and eggs, cheese and yogurt are eaten on the medium or weekly basis on a daily basis. For example, a review of Mediterranean diet research suggests about four eggs a week. At the top of the pyramid – that means you eat them very rarely – red meat and sweet favorites include water in the amendment, as well as red wine.