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5 Tips to Becoming a CNA

These 5 tips can help you with your goal of becoming a CNA! Not everyone that starts such a program completes it so you want to make sure you have a solid foundation in place before you move forward with it. Avoiding common barriers and pitfalls will definitely increase your chance of success!

  • Look at your options
  • Deadlines for applying and submitting requested information
  • Paying for your CNA training
  • Manage your time
  • Pay attention to feedback from instructors about your progress

Compare Programs

Not all CNA programs out there are the same. You really want to take some time to find what is right for you. This could be online, it could be a fast paced program in a few weeks at a nursing home, or it could be a three month program at the local college. Make sure the program is accredited, that it offers both classroom learning and hands on training, and evaluate the qualifications of the instructors.

Pay Attention to Dates

Many of the CNA programs have a limited number of students per class. You need to pay attention to dates so that you can sign up right away. You also want to pay attention to dates for paperwork to be turned in, orientation, etc. If you miss any of those deadlines, you may be removed from the program and your spot will go to someone that is on a waiting list.

Secure Payment for the Program

There are many methods you can consider for paying for your CNA training. You may qualify for a grant, loan, or scholarship. You may have to pay the amount using cash or your credit card. Find out the cost of the program and then work out what you can to pay for it. Some programs will drop you if you don’t pay in full by a given date. Don’t set yourself up to fail, make sure you explore all of the options and that payment is secured before you start the program.

Carve out Time for it

You can’t half way participate if you want to become a CNA. You have to be willing to put in the time for it. You need to attend classes, show up for clinicals, study, and do well on your tests. You need to be willing to spend as much time as you have to for the program to be completed. If you find you are struggling, as for help from your instructor before it gets out of hand or you are too far behind.

Listen to Feedback

Listen to what your instructors share with you about your work. This will be influential for you to pass the CNA program. You will also have a written test at the end and if you have been building on what you learn all the way through, this exam isn’t going to be overwhelming for you. It is going to be something you can pass with flying colors!