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Be Your Favorite Nurse

Nurses spend their days saving lives, helping people get through emotional hurdles, comforting mourning family members, giving out medications, performing various tasks, delegating certain responsibilities, coordinating with other healthcare workers, while charting everything they do. Good nurses have a variety of dimensions. A good nurse has scientific knowledge, is able to to multitask, has the patience of a saint, is very focused, quick on their feet, careful, attentive and knows when he or she is over their head. Having been in the nursing field, I have tried my best everyday to possess these qualities. Some days are certainly better than others. Overall, a good nurse is someone that the patients can trust. Once trust is lost, it is very difficult to get back. Remember what your favorite nurse was like, and be that type of nurse.

If you are a nurse, or planning to become one, remember your own favorite nurse; whether you’ve met them, were cared for by them or worked along side them. Remember them and be like them. You’re favorite nurse likely possessed great qualities and a work ethic that was undeniable. Generally, nurses have a caring soul and the best ones are able to put any personal or professional problems aside to do the best they can at their job. Whatever qualities our favorite nurse may possess, the most important thing is that they were trusted by their patients and colleagues. The patients trusted them to provide good care, keep them informed, give them the right medications, perform tasks properly, be confident in what they do, be an advocate for them, represent themselves honestly, and realize when they need help. A good nurse must know when they need help. It can be difficult once we become experienced, as most of us do develop some type of ego. While having a small ego is good, it is very important to put it in check some times for the good of the patients. As a nurse, I realize how difficult it is to admit when we aren’t able to do something, especially when we become experienced; however, it must be done sometimes. A good nurse is one who is remembered for what they do for the patient, not how well they say what they can do.

We must always remember our favorite nurse, in their nurse role, and emulate them in our own unique way. Nurses are people and come in all shapes, sizes and colors, as well as have different personality traits. In the end, the good nurses will instill trust and be more concerned about the care they give, than the accolades they receive. Remember to be your own favorite nurse. Be the type of nurse you would want taking care of you.