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Nursing Courses – A Successful Career?

Nursing an upcoming potentially lucrative career has taken a steady fast growth in leading professions in India. The first Nursing schools and institutions were started by the British Mission Hospitals. The Nursing institutions in India are governed by a national Indian Nursing Council and State level Nursing Council. They inspect and give the necessary credentials to the institutions. About 88% of nursing education is supplied from the private sector as there have been a lot of private nursing colleges springing up in India. Most of them are in a collaboration with the Indian Center of Excellence as they provide local and international expertise to these nursing institutions. As Health Care and Poverty are closely related, taking care of health will eliminate the poverty and increase the economy. Nursing in India is one of the important sectors in Indian Healthcare, so improving care of it, is an added advantage which the Government is doing of recent times.

There has been a heavy shortage of nurses in India and they are in high demand all over the country. Nurses see themselves as skilled professionals who have mastered the specialized body of knowledge necessary to achieve professional status. Nurses in the Indian Health Care system play the following roles like health promotions, preventions of diseases, nursing therapeutics and rehabilitation. The sudden importance for nurses in the health care sector as vital support and the intake of them is because of a recent survey taken which has surprised the government who have increased the number of nursing positions. The survey by the National Health Policy (NHP) of India 2002, shows that major health problems like infectious diseases can be prevented by mid-level health care workers like nurses.

The advantages of taking up a course in nursing in India are of plenty and here are some of them to list a few.

  • Chances for migration and choosing a career path out of the country is always available at ease.
  • Most of the private Nursing Institutions provide the students with clear career paths i.e taking different fields in nursing.
  • The jobs have mechanized promotions along with in service training. Roles and responsibilities are clearly identified.
  • The profession is highly regarded by public.
  • The course is available with intensive material study and industrial mentorship.
  • The presence of adequate leadership and strategic management leading the Nurses associations ensures perfect working of the nursing system as a whole in India.

The times have never been better with the government recognising the importance of nursing, as a vital role in the performance of the Annual Rural Health Mission. The government has started the “Development of Nursing Services” to expand the numbers of Nursing institutions and colleges. This is done to compensate the heavy need for nurses. So at the end we can conclude that nursing as become one of most job satisfaction and work oriented courses that has a lot of never-ending vacancies.