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The Benefits of a Pressure Mattress

There will be a time in life where we may all need a little bit of help with certain everyday tasks which can be due to our age. But, however there are things which can benefit and help us with those tasks which we may struggle with on a daily basis.

Do you or someone you know struggle to sleep at night due to the pain and discomfort you may feel when you or they are trying to get to sleep. Then investing in a nursing bed could be the best and most beneficial choice to make to try and avoid these problems. They can prevent any discomfort you may usually feel in a normal bed and help to prevent certain things such as bed sores etc. Most are usually made to fit the specific needs a patient has so that they will feel as comfortable as possible.

Nursing beds are available in a number of styles and provide different aspects of care to fit the specific needs of the person who is suffering from any kind of discomfort. Some beds can have their heights adjusted to allow the patient to get in and out easily without having to suffer with any pain or discomfort which they may have had previously. The head rest can also be adjusted to make lowering yourself and getting up easier. Hoists can also be fitted to the beds so that patients can lift themselves up and out of bed easily without the added discomfort.

Pressure mattresses can also be added to nursing beds to add extra comfort and prevent injuries such as bed sores and aches and pains. A pressure mattress can be blown up and extra pressure can be added to certain areas such as the back and feet where pressure ulcers and sores are most likely to occur. A benefit of the pressure mattress is that you can add as much or as little pressure as you would like. Again they can come in a range of styles to suit the person’s needs, whether they suffer from back pains, ulcers or any other kind of tissue damage. Air pressure cushions are also widely available for extra added comfort for patients.

As well as air pressure mattresses there are also foam pressure mattresses which specialise in preventing the risk of developing pressure ulcers which occur from lying in the same position for long periods of time. Foam mattresses vary depending on the risk in which the patient may develop pressure ulcers.

If it’s getting out of bed that you struggle with then a hoist might be just the thing you need. These allow patients to transfer themselves out of bed easily without suffering from any aches or pains.